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Sugarlips Cakes Agent Application (Zero cost modal)

How to become Sugarlips Zero Cost Modal Agent?

Register here to apply for Agent plan and wait for approval. Once approve we will notify you via email/ WhatsApp and you can start taking orders from customers. A lum sum commission will be pay by HQ every end of the month.

Please take note: Agent can only self-collect/ by runner at HQ only. Delivery charges will be bare by your customer.

Why commission paid every end of month?

We want you to feel and see how much you gain from your sales!

Can Agent become Stockist?

Yes. Agent must reach sales target of RM3, 500/ month to become an Stockist

Collect and Double up your income!!


1. Receive order
2. Wait for customer made payment to your bank account
3. Made purchased through Sugarlips Cakes “Order Cakes” page
4. Self-pickup/ by runner at HQ
5. Done

Payment terms & conditions

Pay in full, you will receive full commission every end of month

For example –

Signature Chocolate Moist Cake
Retail: RM59
ZCM Agent: RM52
Commission: RM7

Butter Cake
Retail: RM 65
ZCM Agent: RM58
Commission: RM7

Retail: RM15
ZCM Agent:RM14
Commission: RM1

Mini Cakes Chocolate
Retail: RM7.90
ZCM: RM6.20
Commision: RM1.70

Mini Cakes Onde-onde
Retail: RM8.90
ZCM Agent: RM7.20
Commision: RM1.70

Each sales more than 60 products will received RM10 rebate from HQ.

The condition to remain as a Zero Cost Modal Agent is that the agent must order more than 50 items per month

Delivery charges

Outside Kota Kinabalu by bus (tawau,sandakan and etc ) – RM7

Outside Kota Kinabalu by teksi – RM10

Bandar Kota Kinabalu – RM8

Penampang – RM6

Putatan – RM8

Sepanggar – RM20

Telipok – RM15

Sulaman – RM15